HobbyKidsTV, we’re over it.

Have you guys ever seen the YouTube channel, Hobby Kids TV? They each have a weird, hobby+animal name, it’s hilarious. Every time they come on [that noxious little jingle in the beginning of every video, omg], I wish to goodness my son would turn it the hell off. They are the most spoiled kids. I can only assume that they will be so bored with life because they are just handed everything.

I know I’m not actually there, living with them, I don’t know if they’re disciplined or made to do chores before they’re given insane amounts of toys and candy to play with on camera.

My kids have to do a full week of chores before I give them $5 that they can choose to save or spend. It takes my kids a month to buy even ONE of the toys they play with and brag about on these stupid, f*king videos. These channels are giving children unrealistic views of money and, really, life in general. These parents are making $$$$$$, way more than you and I, by exploiting their kids. They don’t look at it like that, I’m sure, but I do.

It makes me so sick to see kids that are given free stuff by companies, who will they be in our society? They will be the ones that bully OUR children because vacuous millennial parents teach kids that, “Oh! Well, what my baby wants, my baby gets!” It’s stupid. They are crippling their kids and it will impact the lives of children who actually work for what they have.

Chase’s Corner too. All of them. They need to go away. We need Ren and Stimpy, Rocco’s Modern Life, and Ah! Scary Monsters back.


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