Stop Paying the “Etsy” Price

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard of Etsy. It’s a HUGE internet marketplace for vintage and handmade goods. What you probably don’t know is that it is fillllllllled with get-rich quick sh*t from China. Yes. I’m not kidding you. They will order dresses, moccasins, headbands, etc from places like and sell it to YOU for 3X THE PRICE they paid for it.

I am a former Etsy seller. I sold my items in the highly saturated baby and toddler market. I sold personalized baby and toddler onesies and tees for almost three years for $20 a pop. I will admit, I marked my items way high because well, everyone was doing it and raising three kids isn’t cheap. During my time at Etsy, I made over $89K and all I did was sit at home and iron on stickers to shirts. That’s it.

I lost my shop due to copyright infringment, because this amazing society full of first-world problems has trademarked the phrase, “You’re killin’ me smalls” and the person that owned that phrase shut my store down faster than you could say, “You’re killin’ me, smalls!” My family took a huge hit. It was devastating.

But aside from that, YOU NEED TO STOP PAYING THE ETSY PRICE. Let me break the cost down for you (by the by, I used a regular shop to purchase my onesies from, I didn’t even use a wholesaler):

+ Onesie: $3.75
+ Iron On: $1.25
+ Mailer: $0.15
+ Inserts/Packaging: $0.50
+ Time: $1.50
Total of: $7.15

Etsy vendors are charging you $19.99 (sometimes more) PER ITEM PLUS SHIPPING.

These Etsy vendors are getting rich off of really simple things you could do yourself. They’re buying homes, cars, daily Target runs all while we go broke buying things we can make ourselves. Think about it next time, maybe if all of us back off from Etsy, they will lower their prices! Who knows.

All you need is a Cricut, Vinyl Rolls at Discount Price, and an Iron to do it yourself.

Always disgruntled,
Grumpy Britt


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